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Aging Along The Trails

Aging Along the Trail appeared in the September/October 2010 issue of American Fitness Magazine. The article is about the benefits I’ve experienced since transitioning to trail running, a small niche within the broader running community. Demographics indicated that trail running has … Continue reading

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Running Wisdom

An article I wrote, The Untrained Marathon, appeared in a Canadian fitness magazine in 2009. The premise of the article was that a reasonably well-conditioned recreational athlete could complete a marathon without following an intense, time-consuming marathon training program. Though my … Continue reading

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Never Stop

It doesn’t seem long ago when I would correct people who asked if I was going for a jog with a sarcastic reply, “No, I’m going for a run.” It took many years to convince them that I’m a runner, not a … Continue reading

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Required Reading for Distance Runners

Motivation is a topic that often comes up when the discussion turns to running. It is an issue all runners encounter, experienced as well as recreational, when looking for a little push out the door to go for a run. Anyone … Continue reading

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