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The Thinking Man’s Runner

If John Lennon was the “Thinking Man’s Beatle,” then Dr. George Sheehan was the “Thinking Man’s Runner.” He was  the first person I’d read with the clairvoyance to translate the stream of consciousness that flows through a distance runner’s mind into words. In … Continue reading

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All Fathers Are Marathoners

What do you write in a blog about running on father’s day when your father passed away twenty-six years ago? That’s my dilemma as I sit here with my fingers resting on the keyboard and a blank screen staring at … Continue reading

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The theme of last week’s blog Be Active was that, “it’s not all about the running.” Running junkies (you know who you are) obsess about their daily run, and tomorrow’s run and their running schedule for the remainder of the … Continue reading

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Be Active!

The Rite2Run theme is running, but it’s not all about the running. It’s about staying active, physically and mentally. And it’s about staying active socially. For runners, especially young ones, the running part is easy; lace up and go for … Continue reading

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The Real Heroes

I’d mingle after distance races in awe of seasoned runners who’d stuck with the sport for so many years. When I looked into the eyes of these athletes with graying hair and a wrinkle or two upon their aging bodies, … Continue reading

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