Double Trouble

I suppose it would be appropriate for a grandfather to define double trouble as his two young grandchildren, but this is a running blog so the Double Trouble Trail Run sponsored by Pretzel City Sports will get the attention.

Trail runners define fun as running narrow mountain trails littered with rocks, streams and downed trees, lining up for the starting gun for the Double Trouble

The Double Trouble is held each July in French Creek State Park, with the option of running either a 15K or 30K. Runners who register for the 15K and feel spunky when they get to the finish line can continue for a second loop for the 30K. Conversely, runners who register for the 30K and come to their senses at 15K have the option to change their planned halfway point to their finish line. Go figure?

On the trail at the Double Trouble in French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

Many years ago after a different Pretzel City trail run, my running buddy Ed asked if I noticed the dwindling number of guys and gals our age in the crowd. To be honest, I hadn’t, until he mentioned it…damn it! Nevertheless, I’m always encouraged by the folks of my generation who are still out there pounding the trails. At the Double Trouble I ran a few miles with a spunky guy three weeks shy of his sixty-fifth birthday, and I’ll be damned if I could pass him. He even took a nasty spill and got up to finish in front of me, not that I’m that hell-bent on beating anyone these days. In fact, I’m happy to finish and thankful I’m still able to run through the woods with a youthful pack. That is a reward in itself.

Wounded Knee - Berks County, Pennsylvania

These days, I feel fortunate every time I lace ’em up for a race. It reinforces my motivation behind writing the posts Never Stop and Aging Along the Trails in May. Sometimes it’s easy to pack it in after a rough day at the office, running to soccer games or other commitments. Whenever the urge strikes to call it a day, force yourself out the door and take that first step. Most times it leads to another, then another. Whatever you do, Never Stop!


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