My Running Memoir

This is Rite2Run’s twenty-fifth anniversary. I began the blog in April—twenty-five posts ago—to give my “to-be” published memoir exposure, and hadn’t mentioned it in the previous twenty-four posts. The first twenty-four posts were warm-up exercises, like stretching before a race.

I wrote about the aspects of running I am passionate about and thought would be interesting to my fellow runners—motivation, inspiration, and techniques that promote running longevity. I even wrote a few reviews of running books.

Now it’s time to tell you about the memoir. My story begins with a brief look

Rounding a bend in the Bermuda Marathon

backto my first marathon in 1981, and then picks up twenty years later when I run my second. Most of the story concentrates on a five-year period around my fiftieth birthday when I was doing the best running of my life. My home turf is Philadelphia, but I spend time on trails across the country and end in Boston, a likely conclusion for a marathon memoir.

The title of the memoir has alternated between Twenty-four Years To Boston and Journey From The Vegetable Aisle To Boylston Street. Most runners will recognize the relationship with Boston, but the role of Boylston Street and especially the vegetable aisle are more nebulous.

The difference between my story and other running books is that I am not a fan of convention; some would say I’m a nonconformist. While periodized training and VO2 max are useful techniques for serious and elite runners, I am a recreational runner with a blue-collar approach.  In my mind, carb loading should include Guinness along with the pasta.

Each week the My Running Memoir link on the sidebar will either summarize the theme of a chapter in the book, or provide a riddle that readers can comment on. So come along and enjoy the ride.


About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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