The Magic of Running

“Inspiration never arrived when you are looking for it.” Lisa Alther, American Novelist

Sunset over Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, Bucks County, PA

The other night I drove to Lake Galina, parked my Jeep and sat staring across the still water. It was a long day and it seemed easier to sit and chill than to get out for a run. My body said no, but my mind said go, so…I got out and ran into the sunset. Six miles later I was back at the Jeep and, had it not been pitch black out, I would have run a second loop.

So much of running occurs between the ears. Start out tired and uninspired, and once the perspiration starts flowin’ you get goin’.

Running diffuses oxygen through the blood, pumps blood through the cardio system and endorphins released from the brain. Sounds complex, but there’s no need for runners to understand the physiology. The only thing a runner needs to know is to push through to that magical point where the body takes over. Sometimes it is five minutes, sometimes fifteen. There will be rare times it doesn’t kick in at all, but those times are the exception, not the rule.

Here is a suggestion for those days when you it’s easier to veg than to run. Commit to a slow half-mile or five minutes. Most times, the rest will take care of itself. A half-mile becomes a mile and five minutes turns into ten. If you run a mile, there is possibility you’ll run another and next thing you know you’re past the midway point of a 5K, and once at the 5K mark anything can happen. That’s the magic.

So the next time you’re sitting on the edge of your bed after work, staring at your running shoes, say to yourself, “five minutes,” and the rest will take care of itself. Trust me.

Consider this Part I of the Magic of Running. Part II & III will come on a later post.


About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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  1. Jim…glad I “ran” by your spot here…I’m not a runner but live with a crew of them, so your great and clear writing helps me understand where they are coming from with their hobby/sport.

    I grew up in NW Pa (Crawford Co, S of Erie) and am now in the Quad Cities where we have the BIX marathon – amazing stuff.


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