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That Crucial First Step

There are times when runners have to force themselves to put on their running shoes and get out the door for a run. We know that we’ll be happy once our bodies limber up, our clothes are soaked with perspiration … Continue reading

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I Forgot More About Running…

This afternoon I was closing in on mile six when I thought, “I’d forgotten more about running than most runners will ever know.” No, I’m not brash. I’ve just been running for a really long time. I’m reminded how long I’ve … Continue reading

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Running Partners

I recently wrote that if you make a commitment to take a five-minute or half-mile run, it could propel you to longer distances (see the Magic of Running). I ended that piece saying the advice was the first of three steps. … Continue reading

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Running With Celiac

I recall the moment I was diagnosed with celiac like it was yesterday. I emerged from the fog-like haze of anesthesia to the sight of my gastrointestinal doctor’s head hovering above me, his mouth jabbering and words floating around the … Continue reading

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