End of the Story

It’s unusual for me to post twice in a week, let alone two consecutive days, but I was out for a run tonight and realized that I didn’t finish yesterday’s post. The last thing I wrote was to register for a race 30K or longer by mid-October. There is one last step after you cross the finish line of that race–keep going.

When you cross the finish line, take the chip off your running shoe (if you have one,) hydrate, grab some bananas or something else to replenish your body, and then run another two or three miles. While it’s not imperative to complete a twenty-mile training run before the marathon, it does wonders for your confidence. And confidence is a wonderful partner to have with you when you run a marathon.


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  1. so this applies in a shorter race? interesting, so you are saying it’s more than a way to coole the body down, it’s like my rule the chit chat that comes after the final song of a church race..sort of a reminder about what the whole thing is about?


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