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“… can’t stop the spirits when they need you; this life is more than just a read thru.” – Chili Peppers from Can’t Stop 

My thighs have felt like logs every run since the marathon.

My thighs have felt like logs every run since the marathon.

I hadn’t written much about running since the November marathon. In fact, I’d posted more about the “Art of Running” than I had about actually running. It’s not that I haven’t been running—I have. But my legs have been feeling like logs; those huge logs you see on logging trucks on the interstate.

I got thinking what I’d advise fellow-runners to do if they described to me the symptoms I was having. I know what I’d tell them, REST! You see, I know what the right thing to do is, and I’m good at advising other people on what to do. When it comes to other peoples’ health, I am cautious and sensible, but I’m not as good at taking my own advice. So I decided to break tradition and take last week off, or dial back as cyclists say.

Easing along the Appalacian Trail on the down side of Hawk Mountain.

Easing along the Appalachian Trail on the down side of Hawk Mountain.

I am sitting here thinking about how my week off from running went. Monday morning, 5:30 a.m. I was downtown playing roughhouse basketball with friends. Wednesday I didn’t think cycling would be cheating so I took a ride. Thursday I was chasing my grandkids around for hours. Yesterday I spent the day hiking the Appalachian Trail to Hawk Mountain. How relaxing is a six-hour hike, much of it climbing steep rocky grades?

Funny thing is that loud blasts rang out through the valley and up the mountainside the entire morning while we hiked on the trail. As we climbed the steepest rocky side of the mountain I could see a sign mounted at the top. My two buddies were nearing the summit, and one yelled up, “What’s the sign say?”

“River of Rocks, Golden Eagle and Sky Line Trails Closed Due to Deer Hunting.”AP - Trail iClosed

My buddy shouted, “I was wondering what all that goddamn noise was.”

So that was my restful week. I guess I’m one of those people—the ones who say, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Have a restful week.


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  1. Kyle Kuns says:

    I had a hiking day like that in Angeles Forest. It never occurred to me there was a hunting season in Los Angeles county (it lasts one day). I finally met a couple of hunters who assured me I wouldn’t get shot if I continued on the trail–which wasn’t closed …


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