I write, and I run. So it’s no wonder that I follow a blog called Run, Hemingway, Run.

Good job Hemingway! Motivational posters and videos are so pervasive in cyberspace that at times they seem to all look the same. Not here! This video is enough to get anyone up and moving their bodies, runner or non-runner. And there is a poster in here for everyone.

Hemingway Run

Because sometimes you need a kick up the arse

Next time you want to quit, or skip a run, (as in, miss a run, not skip around the run instead of running the run…) watch this video and re-evaluate your commitment to what you want to achieve.

Inspiring Photos

I love it when people put these on their blogs and Facebook and stuff, each one gives me a little push of motivation. I might print them out and look at them when the running gets tiring, but then I’d probably run into a tree or a dog or something.

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