Half Dead

“Can’t stop the spirits when they need you, this life is more than just a read-through.” – Chili Peppers

Definitely more than half alive.

Definitely more than half alive.

When my kids were little, their friend Mike came running into our house all out of breath and screamed, “Jay Rines got hit by a car riding his bike on Franklin Street.” My wife asked, “Is he all right?” and Mike said, “No, he’s half-dead,” and I said, “Which half?” and everyone looked at me like I insensitive, or something.

I knew Mike well. He was a tad melodramatic and had, well let’s just say he had a hyperactive imagination. I wondered whether some entrepreneur had invented a medical instrument, like a thermometer, that you would insert into a patient’s cavity that measured their percentage of life.

Lamb FarmThis is the 115th post on Rite2Run and sometimes it’s difficult to relate the topic to running, but here goes—this story is typical chatter that runs through my brain while on a long run, today for nearly two hours. The route went by the lamb farm that appeared in “I Died in the Middle of a Two-hour Run.” Coincidently, there was a broken grave stone along the side of the road. I swear! I should have taken a picture of it with my iPhone, but it was buried under layers of clothes, and I was soaking wet and didn’t want to peel off two layers, take a picture, and put two layers of chilled sweat back on my body. What a wuss, huh?

Anyway, here’s the point: Are you half dead or half alive? It’s all a matter of perspective. It’s like, Is your glass half empty, or half full? My advice is to get outside and move around—walk, jog, cycle, garden, bird watch (bird watch?), whatever—because when your body is in motion, that body meter I mentioned will always measure well above half alive.


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