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“The writer shakes up the familiar scene, and, as if by magic, we see a new meaning in it.” – Anis NinGapRun, write, update a blog 120 times; sometimes it gets monotonous and I need to switch it up. That’s why I began the Art of Running series and created Rite2Wander–to keep things fresh.

Sunfish Pond

Sunfish Pond

The Delaware Water Gap on the Appalachian Trail, a glacier pond, boulders, glistening sun, sweating profusely, wildlife everywhere. My buddies and I took a fifteen-mile hike, climbed over 1,000 feet–we’re practicing for our sixtieth.

And then we get to an opening at the end of a path in the forest and see a glacier pond named Sunfish. We hiked the shore of the pond, rounded a bend and rock sculptures were everywhere. I’d written about a similar phenomenon I came across on Buddha Beach in Sedona, Arizona over 2,000 miles away last month in my travel blog.

Gap - Rock a

Gap - RockGap - Rock cWhen my daily routine begins to get stale, I’ve always found it refreshing to switch things up. Rarely does running get boring to me, but still I alternate with cycling or will plan a hike. If I’m writing a memoir or essay and feel the creative juices dry up, I’ll work on a short story or write a blog.

It’s healthy to switch gears, or take a break altogether. Disengage. It brings a freshness and is revitalizing. And then, sometimes, just as you turn a corner, a surprised will be waiting for you on the other side.Gap - Rock b


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Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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13 Responses to Keep it Fresh – Switch it Up

  1. Katie says:

    Found a new blog to read! How did I get here? Oh yes, your reply on “My Meandering Trail”. I have just discovered blogs….. I know, but better late than never, & have been enjoying following Jordana on her AT hike. I live near the Delaware Water Gap (on the Jersey side), but haven’t hiked there often or recently because the parking lot is always packed on nice weekends! I love your photos & accompanying stories. I imagine the sculptures were partly a result of the bountiful fodder left after Sandy ran through the area. I love coming across surprises like that. It’s all natural, so it just looks like fun! Now I’m going to head to Arizona via your blog. I love Arizona!


  2. LB says:

    How cool to round a bend and see those sculptures! What a treat! That first photo of the Delaware Water Gap is wonderful! You’ve really opened my eyes to an area of the country that I really have not visited much … sad, since I live on the East Coast!


    • Jim Brennan says:

      And if you look closely at the picture taken from the mountain top, you will see a road that snakes along the Delaware River. That is River Road, and is popular with bikers. I used to hook up with bikers at one of the several stops along the road and ride my Harley from just outside of Philly to the Water Gap each summer. It’s a beautiful sight when you turn that bend and see the river between those two mountains. There are great hiking trails on both sides too. Glad you enjoyed the post.


  3. Sophie33 says:

    I love your views on this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & great pics with us all! 🙂 xx


  4. msmidt says:

    Nice quote, nice photo, nice philosophy. 🙂


  5. I like the quote at the beginning of this post.
    True stuff.


  6. WOW! This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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