Funny You Should Ask, Again

Get smacked in the face with an emotional reality, and all the trivial stuff cluttering your life disappears. One week from now I’ll walk down the aisle with my little girl, and then we will both begin a new life when we walk back the other way.

So here I am scouring my office to find a few things I want to have for the special day and I came across “Funny You Should Ask” by Rick Reilly. If you want to understand the meaning of life, click here and read the full article.

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“The current state of knowledge can be summarized thus: In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.” – Terry Prachett

View of the Grand Canyon from Hopi Point at sunset.

View of the Grand Canyon from Hopi Point at sunset.

The greatest philosophers who ever lived–Plato, Confucius, Aquinas, Aristotle–spent their lives contemplating the question, “Why are we here?” It’s a question that, no doubt, crosses most of our minds at one point or another, like maybe when an elderly woman thanks you while you unconsciously hold the door for her at WaWa, or when you see a two-year old with her arms wrapped around her mother’s neck.

Ask a friend or your mate the question and you will probably get the customary, “to share my gift, raise a family, save the world.” It is unlikely someone would answer, To run a sub-three hour marathon, make a million dollars or own a Porsche, though that would be nice.

If you ever contemplated the mystery of your existence, look no further. Rick Reilly, former Sports Illustrated columnist, revealed the secrets of life to his fifteen-year-old son many years ago. He began his thesis with,

“I’ve thought a lot about it, son, and I don’t think it’s all that complicated. I think maybe we’re here just to teach a kid how to bunt, turn two and eat sunflower seeds without using his hands.”

Reilly ends his dissertation about life by saying, “”See, grown-ups spend so much time doggedly slaving toward the better car, the perfect house, the big day that will finally make them happy when happy just walked by wearing a bicycle helmet two sizes too big for him. We’re not here to find a way to heaven. The way is heaven. Does that answer your question, son?”

His son’s hysterical response and over a dozen other reasons for our existence are sandwiched in between. Treat yourself and read “Funny You Should Ask,” and you too will understand the mystery of your existence.


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  1. Sophie33 says:

    I so much enjoyed this lovely post from you! Congrats to your daughter! You are a proud father! 😊


  2. LB says:

    Oh that made me laugh! I have always enjoyed Rick Reilly and thank you for sharing his column! Enjoy your day with your “little girl”, now a woman. I feel quite sure you’ve done a fine, fine job as father


  3. Congratulations on the new chapter unfolding for both you and your daughter. Enjoyed the post.


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