Forced Downtime

“This night I am here: in this bruised self, in this bruised world.” – Joe Wilkinscropped-rite2run.jpg

I express myself in two ways–running and writing. One feeds off the other. Running is my physical expression, and I reap rewards of mental clarity and creative thought. Writing is my intellectual expression; it drives me and drains me, and sets up the next run.

Run - Sunset KidsIt’s been ten days since I slipped on the ice, took a nosedive and injured my groin. I haven’t laced up the running shoes since, and everything has come to a screeching halt. I’m looking for something good in this, a lesson.

There is a small matter of a 50K I registered for in the beginning of January. Perhaps the spill I took was the man upstairs telling me to slow down and take a break. After all, I should have been tapering for the race the day I went down. Maybe I’ll do what I’ve advised others to do in the past– get healthy first, then run.

Sketch - Running ManI haven’t given up hope yet, but each day that goes by I am more concerned. This is my second bout with the notion of hanging up the long-distance running shoes in the last five years (in 2009 I had two knee surgeries.) Β At fifty-nine I’m fortunate to even consider an ultra-marathon, and I know it.Β I’m five years older now (obviously not wiser) and thinking about life after running, a scary prospect that I’m ill-prepared to entertain. I still believe I’ll wake up tomorrow and no longer limp.

I’ve been doing exercises recommended by a physical therapist, but I’m also relying on writing to maintain sanity and get me through this injury. For the first time, I will truly Rite 2 Run. I’m going to lay it out in prose, write my butt off, write the injury out of my system. Can it be done? Am I a crazy man? We’ll see.

January 4th will be the test.Run in the Sun

About Jim Brennan

Jim writes from Bucks County, PA. and runs most places his travels take him.
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18 Responses to Forced Downtime

  1. Sophie33 says:

    Good Luck with it all, dear Jim! I wish you good Health, a speedy recovery, great Foodie things to discover in 2014 & lost of fun. Xxx πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. LB says:

    I agree with Katherine …I look forward to “reading your therapy”. I do however, understand the frustration of forced downtime. My thoughts will be with you as you recover and write. Try not to push it!!

    • Jim Brennan says:

      Well, LB, it hasn’t been going as well as expected. I’m an optimist by nature, but I’m running out of time for the 50K this weekend. I haven’t given up all hope, but reality is sinking in. I’m always thinking I’ll wake up tomorrow healed. You know what it’s like with your bike accident. It’s not easy to sit still, but I’ll play the hand I’m dealt and hope there is a lesson in there somewhere. Thanks for your thoughts.

      • LB says:

        Can I tell you that I have used the term “wake up and feel healed” so many times with my patients and with me since the wreck. After sleep we do feel optimistic and restored … I was just talking to a colleague today about his need to pull back from a big bicycle race in Georgia. We just have to listen to our bodies and be ready to play another day.
        Thoughts are with you, Jim, and I’ll be watching your posts to see what you decided to do!

        • Jim Brennan says:

          Thanks for sharing your wisdom, LB. I know that you are speaking from experience. I’m good at giving advice to others, but bad a following my own advice. You are so right about being ready to play another day. I tell others to be healthy first, compete second. My son is going through an injury that sidelined him from a century cycle race and a triathlon last year. He’s wired like me, and it killed him. And I have to keep in mind that I had to have a second knee surgery in 2009 because I came back from the first one too quickly. So I’m listening. I’ll probably decide New Years Day. Thanks, LB.

  3. msmidt says:

    Best of luck in the continued recovery. It took me three years to return to marathons, and this spring I did a 50-miler. But there are still times when I hurt, so I cut my mileage for a while. However long you think it may take to recover, there’s a chance it will take even longer.

  4. Mark says:

    First and foremost, Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
    I’m sure you’re doing the right stuff to treat this injury. And, won’t be hanging up those running shoes anytime soon. Have fun in the 50K.
    I read this a long time ago on a Church sign – “Grin don’t groan, Win don’t whine.”
    Sounds like something you would Rite!

  5. Good luck! Whether you run or not, I wish you a full, speedy recovery!

  6. Hey Jim… people a lot younger and less ambitious have toyed with hanging up the shoes. Sorry that you slipped on the ice, but I suspect that somehow it will cause you to take a good hard look at your life’s ambitions. One thing for sure, you’ve touched and inspired people to pick up the sport through your running and your writing – either way, we’re better off because of it.
    Iook forward to hearing more, on January 5.

    • Jim Brennan says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Chuck. Messages like yours make writing and running worthwhile. I may be down, but trust me, I’m not out. Thanks for tuning in and taking the time to write. Jim

  7. Be good Jim! rest up…your readers will reap the benefits.

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