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Chuck Douros writes about his three passions–running, writing and gardening–at RunWriteDig. Chuck was gracious in his introductory comments to the profile he posted of me on his blog, but humble in not mentioning his own achievements in the gardening department. Chuck’s 2014 gardening goal is to grow, harvest and donate 100 pounds of organically grown vegetables to those less fortunate than him, a worthy goal indeed. Visit RunWriteDig at
Thank you, Chuck!


Name: Jim Brennan
State: Pennsylvania
Profession: Writer/Author
Runner Since: High School. I ran my first marathon in 1981.

Jim and I are kindred spirits, albeit 3,000 miles apart. We share at least two passions: running and writing. I am not ashamed to admit that Jim trumps me in both. As running goes, Jim is the real deal. An accomplished marathoner, Jim has run more races, and logged more miles than even he cares to count. Our running/writing blogs crossed paths a year ago, and since then we became fast friends. With every post in Jim’s blog, Rite 2 Run  ,I draw inspiration and become more sure of my own journey as a runner and writer. red-line

1. Every runner has a “WHY.” Why did you start running? Initially I ran to stay fit, but shortly after I started running I found that it grounded me and kept my stress level under control.

2. What pushes you…

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About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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