A Little Help From My Friends

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – The Beatles

When the Beatles celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their visit to America and Ringo sang  A Little Help From My Friends, I thought about my many friends in the blogosphere. So I decided to give a Shout Out to my fellow-bloggers who inspire me–my cyber friends who labor at the keyboard as I do.

Rite2Run might be grounded in running, but the bloggers I follow span the spectrum–from running to vegetarian cooking to writing to photography to poetry to art. I was thinking of organizing them by category, but then I thought, Nah! Here is the short list of bloggers I follow who make me want to run, hike, dig, cycle, eat and of course write:

FullMoonRunner – Energetic, honest, passionate young woman running writer with the best running logo of any blog I follow.

Sophie’s Foodie Files – A splendid Belgium cook with simply the healthiest, wholesomest, most sumptuous recipes ever, many of them vegetarian and gluten-free.

Move, Eat, Create – Shannon is a health nut, vegetarian and runner with an honest and refreshing voice that always makes me looking forward to her next post.

RunWriteDig – Chuck is a runner, writer and organic gardener, and wonderful humanitarian to top it off.

Life on a Bike and Other Fab Things – LB rides a Harley and shoots photos of her wonderfully scenic adventures.

Great American Landscape – Rick Braveheart is a professional photographer who captures unforgettable outdoor shots of some of the most scenic treasures in America.

Urban Wallet – New York spray paint artist Ray Ferrer striking works. His subjects range from Jim Morrison to Marilyn Monroe, from a subway car to a typewriter. My favorite Intuition.

Christian Mihai – Young Romanian writer explores the many aspects of writing and the life of an artist.

Boy in a Hat – Twenty-two year old Romanian high school drop out who writes provocative prose.

Steep Climbs – Aaron blogs about his cycling adventures, and most recently his challenge to rehab from a debilitating injury.

Hiking Angeles Forest – Kyle takes his readers on adventures along the mountain trails of Angeles Forest

I’m a Runner and So Can You – Andy is a Boston runner from my generation with a passion for running as strong as my own.

Outside Reading – Martin is a sub-4 hour marathoner and professor of American Literature with a bent on Walt Whitman.

In the Deed – Mark transcends running to explore art, food, pubs, craft beer and more. Who could resist?

Run Hemingway Run – How could I not follow a runner named Hemingway?

Ron Scuba Divers Wild Life – Wild, artsie photos from around the globe.

I believe that a personal play list says a lot about a person’s personality and wonder if the same is true about the blogs a person follows.


About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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15 Responses to A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Sophie33 says:

    Great blogs here, dear Jim & we are happy to be one of your friends, but I am not a vegetarian, I am an omnivore & all of my recipes are not GF! 😉 xxx


  2. My sincere thanks for mentioning TheGreatAmericanLandscape in your blog post Jim. Although, as you well know, blogging takes dedication, time and some work, for me, it is the people who follow it regularly as you do that keep me motivated, energized and challenged to write more. Many thanks to you my friend for being one of those long time followers whom I so deeply appreciate. ~ Rick


  3. Thank you so much for including me in your list. I find the blogging community absolutely amazing and find that the friendships that are forged here are very real and very important to me. It’s a pleasure getting to know you through your blog and I am honored that you consider me a “blogging friend” – the feeling is definitely mutual. Thank you for everything, Jim! And I really do hope we get to run together one of these days. 😉


    • Jim Brennan says:

      You deserve a huge following, Fullmoonrunner. You have a great blog, an honest and energetic voice, and an incredibly lively spirit. I enjoy reading all of your posts. I agree with you about the blogging community, there is no end to the interesting people you meet. It would be a blast to run together one day. I’ll keep an eye out on your travels, and you keep yours on mine. Stay well, Fullmoonrunner, and as always thanks for checking in.


  4. I’m honored to be included on your list! I’m also excited to check out some of the others here that I’ve never seen before. Thanks, Jim!


  5. Jim,
    We follow some of the same bloggers.
    I also follow a diverse group of bloggers. Not all of them are runners or athletes of any kind. Some are just interesting people with interesting things to say. I know I will never even visit all of the blogs that are out there, let alone read a post or get to know most of them.
    Sometimes when I read an interesting post I’ll read some of the blogs that that person follows. Sometimes I find some great blogs. It’s a great way to explore.
    I appreciate the mention.


    • Jim Brennan says:

      I agree completely, and your method is a great way to explore and learn new and interesting people and things. Your blog is well worth the mention, Andy. Run on!


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  7. TartanJogger says:

    Some great blogs there!


  8. Thank you for adding me to the list. LB is one of my faves, by the way.


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