Ludicrous Ultra Training

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twainphoto

Last night I spent hours proofing the manuscript of my memoir to convert it to eBook format. Reading about myself as a young man–fifty-ish–I realized how much I’ve changed. I mean, I used to sweat the small stuff, like finishing a marathon. I’d get so crazy that I’d over-train and wind up injured. Comparatively speaking, I ran the Steamtown Marathon last month with laughably little training, and knew I’d finish.

I don’t give a second thought to advising inexperienced runners how to train for a race, anything from a 5K to a marathon, or giving non-runners advice on how to get started. I’ve followed marathon training programs to run my first marathon in twenty years, and to qualify for the Boston Marathon. So I know what to do, I’m just rubbish at following my own advice. A couple of years ago I posted Do as I say (not as I do.) I haven’t changed.

Along the Delaware Canal in New Hope.

Along the Delaware Canal in New Hope.

It struck me today that I registered for my first ultra-marathon two months from now. Holy crap! I thought, I ought to do a couple of really long training runs. So I figured I’d go out sometime this week and do a three-hour run. That sometime turned out to be yesterday, at the spur of the moment, after drinking a pot of coffee and finishing a short story that I felt I nailed. Three hours along the Delaware Canal in the sparkling sun–therapeutic.

What I suppose what I’m saying to you is don’t follow my ludicrous training habits. I don’t know why I’m so confident I’ll finish the 50K. Maybe I’m becoming demented with age.

Not much of a self-promoting PR-type, this is about as revealing as I get.

Not much of a self-promoting PR-type, this is about as revealing as I get.


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  1. Mark Mangan says:

    Good luck with the ultramarathon. Don’t trip over any hyphens since you don’t overtrain but still give advise to nonrunners . I’m getting those squiggly lines again.


  2. But demented in a GOOD way 😉


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