Thanks to socially conscious and politically active blogger, photographer, and Harley-Davidson rider, LB, for posting “Enough” in response to yet another mass shooting in the US.

Natalia Ginzburg wrote, “… love of life begets a love of life.” At the root of all of this hate and carnage are angry, desperate people who have nothing to live for. Gun control, Yes. Better mental health care, Yes. But at its very core is raising young people to have purpose in life. Hug your loved ones today, and everyday.

Thanks for posting this, LB. You can read more of LB’s work and view her wonderful photography at Life on the Bike and other Fab Things.

Life on the Bike and other Fab Things


I had another post ready … but the latest mass shooting in America made me put it on hold for tomorrow.

There has to be more of a response than “Thoughts and Prayers”

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  1. cigarman501 says:

    I was going to post a blog tomorrow with the title Enough. Guess I’ll rethink.


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