“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

I began this blog five years ago as a runner who writes, and set out on the next five years as a writer who runs, and explores, and composes poetry. I began 2015 with a post about running an ultra-marathon, and  ended with a poem. This year I will play in Summit County, Colorado with my family, and summit Mount Rainier with an expedition team. And I will write.

Alex Honnold free-soloing (no ropes, harness or other safety equipment. Photo by professional climber and photographer Jimmy Chin.

Alex Honnold free-soloing (no ropes, harness or other safety equipment.) Photo by professional climber, mountaineer, skier and photographer Jimmy Chin.

Let this be the year you try something new, something you never could see yourself doing, something that might make sense only to you. Do it, and never look back.

Wishing all of you a Healthy and Adventurous New Year!

  • If you find the photo of Alex Honnold hanging from a rock thousands of feet above a valley floor exhilarating, or dizzying and you need to see more, go to outdoor photographer Jimmy Chin’s Gallery.

About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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6 Responses to Beginnings

  1. mary johnson says:

    I find that photo INSANE! Enjoyed your blog about Chris.


  2. LB says:

    Happy New Year, Jim! I love your summary … from ultra marathon to poetry. Perfect!
    That photo … no safety equipment. Oh my goodness, the bravery!
    Looking forward to more of your adventures and your poetry.
    Happiness, health, and goodness to you in 2016!


  3. Best to you and Happy New Year!


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