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Hikau on the Run

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything buy music.” – William Stafford Head soars in the clouds Eyes over centered nose Efficiently the blood flows J(Basho)B from somewhere on the green ribbon trail, alongside a stream, alongside a … Continue reading

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Right There

“Love of life begets a love of life.” – Natalia Ginzburg My deepest sympathies and prayers for the children who were in those blood-stained strollers scattered across the airport terminal floor in Brussels this morning, as well as for all of the innocents traveling to work, … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Room Within

“The writer’s room is more than a physical space.” – jb When I listen to writers exchange stories and photos of their writer’s room, I think of John Cheevers who would ride the elevator to the basement of his apartment building each morning and write literary masterpieces in … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion on Instagram

Follow Poetry in Motion on Instagram at What will you find at Poetry In Motion on Instagram? Philly street art, mosaics of tile and glass, sculptures in wood, iron and whale bone, inspiring murals, jazz musicians and Golden Retrievers, The Big Lebowski and … Continue reading

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Have A Little Faith / There’s Magic In The Night…

“You ain’t a beauty but hey you’re alright… Well now I’m no hero / that’s understood… We got one last chance to make it real.” – Bruce Springsteen, Thunder Road – 1975 This almost became one of the hundreds of posts … Continue reading

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