Regressive in the White House

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear a word you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


A few years ago my wife and I traveled to the French Alps and hiked a glacier below Mount Blanc. On our way down the mountain were markers indicating the level the glacier once reached going back more than a century. The most stunning thing I found was how fast the glacier had disappeared in recent decades. Scientific data and climate change experts attribute accelerated melting of glaciers and polar icecaps, and consequently rising sea levels, to greenhouse gases caused by carbon emissions. The reason they have melted so quickly in recent decades is because of burgeoning industrial activity, therefore environmental regulations to limit greenhouse gases were enacted to protect the environment and preserve our planet.

In yesterday’s grand spectacle in the Rose Garden the businessman occupying the White House pulled our country out of the Paris Agreement. In his meandering speech he made several flagrantly false statements. One was that he would renegotiate the terms of the agreement which he no doubt knew could not be done. But his most egregious lie was when he said he is committed to a clean environment, this in the same week he signed an Executive Order removing emissions rules for power plants, limits on methane leaks, a moratorium on federal coal leasing, and the use of social cost of carbon to guide government actions. This is an action of someone who is completely opposed to a clean environmental.

To this businessman in the White House everything is about dollars and cents, even at the expense of the environment. He has no long-term vision and doesn’t believe in science. He appointed a climate change denier, a man who sued the Environmental Protection Agency fourteen times, as the Agency’s head, the cabinet position charged with keeping our air and water safe and advising the president on environmental matters. One of his first actions was to remove climate change data from the EPA website, essentially keeping the American people in the dark regarding scientific data pertaining to the environment. At the same time he spreads the administration’s self-interested and largely false narrative about the cost of a clean environment to our economy and jobs. There is no denying the cost of transitioning to any new technologies, but this administration conveniently omits the other half of the equation, which is the number of jobs being created in the green energy industry (the future) and presenting a long-term strategic view.

China is the world’s leading producer of solar energy systems, they are also the leading producer in wind energy. The Trump administration is positioning America to be mining coal for decades to come while shielding environmental impact data from the communities they serve.

After decades of partisan paralysis and catering to special interest, the idea of a businessman in the White House was appealing to many Americans (though not the majority,) but America got the wrong businessman. This businessman is running our county the same way he ran his business, by walking away from contracts he entered, stiffing contractors, not fulfilling financial obligations and filing for bankruptcy six times. The difference is that now he’s stiffing our allies and making a fool of our nation on the world stage. In four short months he’s turned America from a world leader to an embarrassment.

This administration isn’t good for our nations’ s future. They are not good for our families, children and grandchildren. And they are certainly not good for our planet.

Send a message with your vote. Get them out before it’s too late.

The Enablers


438 Days Until Mid-term Elections
November 6, 2018

Get them out!


About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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6 Responses to Regressive in the White House

  1. Such an excellent essay Jim. Your photos are as they say ‘worth a thousand words.’
    You articulate the frustrations of millions of US citizens, including me, so well. Thank you.


  2. LB says:

    It seems that with each day the news gets worse! I am so incredibly disheartened, to put it ever so mildy. Disgusted, appalled, embarrassed …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jim Brennan says:

      It has to take an incredible amount of effort to make so many foolish moves, and I’m mystified by the number of politicians defending his indefensible actions. Not only is the man ignorant of history and the political process, he has demonstrated he doesn’t care to learn. I’m heading to Europe in a couple of weeks, it will be my first time in Europe when I don’t feel among allies.

      Liked by 1 person

      • LB says:

        I have 3 friends who have been in Europe the last few weeks and they’ve all been asked about 45 and how on earth he could have been elected. Sigh …. On a positive note, I hope you’ll be posting about your trip!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Jim Brennan says:

          The country is ready for an outsider to shake things up in DC, I agree, they just elected the wrong guy. Time for a progressive, someone grounded in the 21st Century. Not sure if I’ll be posting during the trip, but definitely when I return. Stay tuned for many photos.
          Be well, LB.


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