What Donald Trump And George Costanza Have In Common

“… kids can spot a phony a mile away.” – Fred Rodgers

There was a Seinfeld moment in the Rose Garden yesterday. Aficionados of the hit comedy series know there is a scene that pertains to every life situation, and yesterday the President proved it in the Rose Garden when he boasted he would testify under oath that he never asked former FBI Director James Comey to pledge his loyalty, a scene taken from the “Book of George.”

Would the President testify under oath that he never asked James Comey to pledge his loyalty? Would he deny he asked the FBI Director to find a way to let go of the Flynn investigation? Both of these conversations conveniently occurred in private, the first during a one-on-one dinner the President arranged, the second after a meeting in the Oval Office when the President held Comey back to talk privately. During the second encounter even Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner hung around awkwardly before they were excused.

Of course he would testify under oath! Why wouldn’t a man who maintains thousands of people were bused in to New Hampshire to vote against him; a man that claimed the unemployment rate under the previous Administration was as high as 42%; a man who was the last holdout to spread the unfounded rumor that President Obama wasn’t a native-born American citizen, but from Kenya, testify under oath that the lead law enforcement official in the nation who served under two Presidents, is a liar?

The question isn’t will he testify, but rather will Americans put party and ideology aside and objectively believe this man is telling the truth. In the end, the question of truth will be decided by the special prosecutor.


About Jim Brennan

Jim is a Philadelphia-based writer, author, poet and editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.
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4 Responses to What Donald Trump And George Costanza Have In Common

  1. I have yet to find a situation in life that I can’t relate to Seinfeld.


  2. chrisbauer1 says:

    He feels he’s above perjury, so he will perjure himself if/when he’s given the chance. I’ve decided I don’t care what the 40% pro-Donnie base thinks about him; they’re a lost cause, will not accept how horrible a president he is, and they’re too far gone down the conspiracy/fake news rabbit hole. The people key to removing this festering POS are the judiciary and the legislative branches. They count more than his misguided 40% base. Convince them that Donnie is a boil needing to be lanced and they’ll lance him. Perjury is one way to do that. One can hope.


    • Jim Brennan says:

      The tide will need to turn in the mid-term elections. People, especially young people, need to come out and vote against the Republicans who defend this slug like they did against Theresa May and Brexit and against Le Pen and the National Front in France. People need to wake up and see this Nationalism for what it is, a disaster that will take our great nation back 100 years.


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