Jim Brennan


Editor, Cityscapes – Schuylkill Valley Journal


Twenty-four Years to Boston–My Journey from the Vegetable Aisle to Boylston Street – St. Johann Press – Available on Amazon.com, Kindle and Nook.

Once A Welder – Apprenticeship in Life – Publishing date – TBD

Fitness & Outdoors

Visit my blog at Rite2Run


Visit my travel blog at Rite2Wander

Essays and Other

Visit my writing blog at Rite2Scribe


Industry Studies[1]

  • Helicopter Industrial Capability Assessment – 2009
  • Jet Engine Industrial Capability Assessment – 2008
  • Steel and Specialty Metal Trend Analysis – July 2008

[1] Managed studies performed by agency listed on page 58 of Annual Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress. Responsibilities included managing, editing and publishing studies.


6 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Wow, Jim this is an amazing portfolio!


    • Jim Brennan says:

      Hi Carl, your About page is inspiring itself. We have some common threads, four great children (and four grandchildren) and yes, this running thing we do keeps me grounded. Best wishes and I look forward to following you.


      • Thank you so much Jim. Yeah from the About page, with me only running 2 years now, I know I can learn so much from you and your many years experience. It is indeed an honour to follow you! Thank you!:)


        • Jim Brennan says:

          The honor is all mine. Thank you. I may not share a lot of technical running information, but I love to share my experiences, what has worked for me for more than four decades, and what running has done for my life. Hopefully, my stories will help you and others.


  2. Sophie33 says:

    What a lot of great accomplishments! Good for you! 🙂 What a long list!


    • Jim Brennan says:

      Thanks, Sophie. My interest has been slowly and steadily migrating toward fiction, but I’m a runner and writer at heart, so I don’t see this stopping. I’ll be launching a writing website this year, but will link Rite2Run to it and continue to post from time to time.


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