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Faith of a Golden

I’d lost two of my closest friends the past two summers, and now I thought I was going to lose my hiking partner. She was listless and hadn’t eaten in two weeks. I loaded her into the back of my … Continue reading

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Writing Process

The logical place to begin a poetry reading is with a poem about the writing process. From the American Journal of Poetry, Writing Process.                  Writing Process What a stroke of luck when … Continue reading

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Freedom, Liberty and the Wide, Wide World

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai Self-imposed borders shrink your world. They restrict understanding and appreciation of cultures and history. In short, walls imprison. To journey through Hungry, Slovakia and the Czech Republic is to … Continue reading

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“… kids can spot a phony a mile away.” – Fred Rodgers                   Patriot Arbiter of the airwaves, his voice full of anger and rage spews righteousness skews the meaning of Patriot … Continue reading

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Hypocrit-in-Chief on the Environment

I’d been out and about on Earth Day weekend and when I got my hands back into the soil today I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. I’m talking about the disingenuous 116-character tweet the Hypocrite-in-Chief sent out on Earth Day, a lame attempt at showing support for the environment: More … Continue reading

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Poet’s Rebellion

Poets often kid one another that their work is saving the world, but the role that poets played in Ireland’s independence 101 years ago today is no joke. The Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin, Ireland was also known as the Poet’s Rebellion because … Continue reading

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Enlightened Leaders Value Arts and Culture

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” – John F. Kennedy honoring Robert Frost in speech at Amherst College                     … Continue reading

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