Business travel is just one challenge a runner faces in the perpetual juggling act to squeeze a daily run into a hectic schedule of work, family and social obligations. I never had time to enjoy the many places I’d visited while on business until I jumped from that hamster wheel many refer to as a career. Suddenly, traveling became fresh and exciting. Even cities I’d been to with a full work schedule, like San Diego and Seattle, seemed as though I’d arrived for the first time.

Untethered from the past, I began to write about my experiences on the road. After I returned from three weeks touring Ireland and Scotland I was so inspired by the unadulterated beauty of the West Coast of Ireland, I wrote my first published travel article about the rocky coast of  County Clare.

Over the years, some of my other travel stories have appeared in publications, but most remain untold, until now. Rite2Wander is my way of sharing these experiences with anyone interested in reading them. Visit Rite2Wander and enjoy stories and pictures of the many places I’ve visited.


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